5 Reasons why a small wedding is a must…

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One of the biggest days of your life is without a doubt the day that you tie the knot. Such a special and memorable occasion deserves to be shared with the most important people in your life. But deciding how many people to invite can be a daunting task.

In this article, I will share with you why I believe it is better to have a small, intimate wedding rather than a traditional sized wedding:

1.) You will be able to enjoy the occasion more.

On a big wedding, the pressure mounts. Standing in front of people you might have never met before or barely know can be quite nerve wrecking, even intimidating. But if you only invite close friends and family, you can be at ease and truly enjoy every moment with them.

2.) Less stress in the months leading up to the wedding.   

 It is definitely a stressful time for those who have to work full-time jobs and then have to do wedding planning in their spare time, isn’t it? With a small wedding, you don’t have the amount of stress as with a traditional sized wedding. There is no need to start planning six months ahead; you can easily arrange everything within three months or less without compromising on the quality.  

3.) You get to really spend the day with those that you care about most.

A lot of guests mean a lot of people to attend to and much divided attention. It means less quality time with your wedding partner on your big day. By inviting only the people close to you, you get to actually spend time with them and make unforgettable memories. What’s more is that your guests will feel welcome and special (they made the shortlist).

4.) You have a very good excuse for not inviting someone.

All of us have those family members that you haven’t seen in ages but feel obliged to invite for the sake of peace. By keeping the number of guests small, people who don’t make the cut are much more likely to understand.

5.) You will save money which could be used on other aspects of the wedding.

By inviting fewer guests, you obviously save some cash. This can be utilised in other areas, such as your dream wedding dress, food (providing your guests with a five or seven course meal), exclusive wines or decor.  

Now, the definition of a ‘small wedding’ may differ from person to person. I classify a small wedding as anything below thirty people. This definitely makes for a more intimate wedding. How many people will you be inviting to yours?

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