9 Wedding Make-up Tips from a Professional

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With the wedding season well underway, we caught up with Karle Potgieter from Karle Make-up Artistry to share some of her make-up tips with brides-to-be. This is what she advises: 

1. Always go for a trial approximately a month before your wedding day.  Make sure that you bring at least two references with so that your make-up artist knows exactly what you have in mind.  She/he will then advise you whether what you have in mind will suit your complexion and face shape.

2. Make sure you book a spacious bridal room that is big enough to accommodate your entire entourage with enough natural light.  It will ensure that your make-up artist can do her best work on your special day.  It also makes it a lot easier for your photographer to capture your memories to the best of their ability.

3. Never compromise when choosing your make-up artist.  Rather cut on something else like guest gifts than choosing a cheaper make-up artist to save some money.  You will be in the spotlight and in thousands of photographs the entire day; you really want to look your best.

4. Don’t go for trends on your wedding day.  You would rather want to try that on another day.  In fifteen years you still want to look at your wedding photos and think you looked amazing.

5. Rather go for airbrush than the old school cream foundation.  It is a little bit more expensive, but it is a much better option as it sets completely so it will be smudge proof the entire day.

6. Rather go for natural colour eye shades as it is timeless and suits most skin tones.

7. Your make-up should be applied a lot darker than what you would normally wear, as the white of your dress will take away from the colour and you don’t want to look pale in all your photos.

8. Go for an eyebrow shape and tint at least three days prior to the wedding to make sure you don’t have a rash because of the wax.  Your make-up artist will then just fill your brows in where necessary.

9. Lash enhancements is a must for your big day.  It really opens up your eyes and makes it pop in the photos.

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